Well met, wanderer of the Webway and welcome to this hallowed realm.


It is truly delightful you have found your way here. In these occult pages you shall find the collected works of the Mad Monk, miniature commission painter, Chaotic Philosopher and peruser of green cereal.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, the Mad Monk's Mekshop is a miniature and scenery commission painting studio with over 10 years of brush-wielding experience with the quest of enabling everyone with less time and/or brushes on and in their hands to enjoy the beauty of fully painted and based models on the tabletop or the display cabinet.

Specialising in a dark, weathered and detail-heavy style of painting as well as light, clean and pristine art and all kinds of scenery, The Mad Monk's Mekshop is your first port of call for bringing your miniature and terrain visions to a colourful life.

Please feel at liberty to browse the picture galleries for a collection of examples of the Mad Monk's miniature and terrain work. If you have any questions regarding a project you would like to commission please visit the Prices or Contact pages. Should ye be on a quest to gain insight on the various aspects of painting a whole plethora of complete models and covering an expanding host of techniques and approaches, please check out the Painting Tutorial page for more information.


                                                              Happy Hobbying!

- The Mad Monk's Mekshop